Grop is an atmospheric effect that inspired us to name a gastronomic niche that we want to share with you, here in the heart of the Costa Brava right along the beach, a place you can enjoy at any time during the year. For us, this is a dream come true and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do every day.

When we embarked on the Restaurante Grop adventure, we wanted to create dishes that offered a little something for everyone: for those who like to share, for those who like to sample a variety of dishes, for vegetarians and vegans, for those who prefer to have one dish all to themselves…


You mustn’t leave Grop without trying our specialties: fish, meat and pasta dishes from around the world, as well as a wide variety of seasonal appetizers.

Advice is always welcome, which is why we would love to point you toward the dishes that best fit your preferences. Of course, we have our wonderful chef, Stephane Vidal, who pours all his love and energy into each ingredient.

The heart of


Hi. My name is Carmen and I am the Director and Maître d of Restaurante Grop. Born in 1980 in Gerona, I would describe food and hospitality as more of a calling than a profession. In fact, it is my passion, since I inherited my love of cooking from my family many years ago.

Making Restaurante Grop a reality was one of my biggest dreams. It is my first project as an entrepreneur, and hopefully it’s not the last, since I love to make people happy through good food.

One of my overarching objectives, both personally and professionally, is to make it possible for anyone who comes into Restaurante Grop to engage all five senses. I want them to have a singular experience, with high quality products, and I want the result to be gratifying and unique for each and every one of them.



Just to think that for a moment or two we can be part of your life fills me with tremendous satisfaction, as food is, without a doubt, one of the greatest pleasures in life.

Food is a vehicle for experiencing a vast array of sensations. It can even transport us back to another era or point in our lives, and, if it made us happy, we can even manage to relive these moments.

It is precisely these types of sensations that I am aiming to create at Restaurante Grop, because you are the true heart and soul of our gastronomic niche.

Would you like to get to know me better and learn more about the inspiration behind Grop?
Here are some of the best things in life, the ones I love most and which define me:

* Rice pudding, and any flavour that brings me back to my childhood.
* To surprise people with little details.
* I love hard work based on passion and love.
* I am detail-oriented, because big results lie in the little things.
* I am fascinated by interior design, and it is my goal to ensure that each and every corner in Grop stands out, always personalised, so that you feel at home.
* Making love.
* Listening to jazz and soul, two types of music that transport me to another place, that make me happy, music that I love.